The Living Well Code

10 Guiding Principles to Optimize Your Days & Vitalize Your Life


This book is intended to be a book of hope. It is envisioned to help you understand how the miracle called “You” has been engineered and encoded for success by a loving Creator.

Keeping things simple in this way makes health and hope available to all.

The 10 Guiding Principles in The Living Well Code book will help you repair, restore, and reclaim your health – the physical and mental health that is your birthright.

Dr. McCoskey provides the information you need for well-being – and his lovely wife, Lisa, gives you tips on how to incorporate these guiding principles into your everyday life.

This book will provide you with the knowledge, wisdom and tools to help you gain the strength to change the things you have the ability to change.

Dr. McCoskey reminds us that we have a responsibility to work to reflect the God-given perfection inside of all of us.

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Your Living Well life is waiting for you! Let’s get started.